Marinomica training workshop for Egyptian end-users held by ODYSSEA

A training workshop for the Marinomica platform was held online by partners of the EU-funded ODYSSEA project on 14-15 July 2021, focusing on boosting capacity development among Egyptian end-users in carrying out hydrodynamical and water quality modelling, as well as in operational oceanography, sustainable development and blue growth in general.

“Marinomica is a unique tool in the Mediterranean that eases access to knowledge, by providing a single portal that applies advanced algorithms to organise, homogenise and fuse the large quantities of data in common standard type,” the SPA/RAC  team members commented. The products, accessible via the Marinomica platform, “provide valuable information for the sustainable use and management of ecosystems in the context of the Mediterranean’s challenges, such as vulnerable ecosystems, overexploitation, pollution, extreme events, renewable energies and coastal protection,” they added.


The range of data-based oceanographic information products developed by ODYSSEA for stakeholders’ access via the Marinomica platform includes mapping and monitoring of indices relevant to marine renewables like the operational wave power distribution and the TRIX eutrophication indicator (current and forecasted).

A secondary aim of the training session was to promote user validation of the Marinomica platform. With both goals in mind, the workshop targeted Egyptian port authority professionals, public administration staff, researchers and academics, and other stakeholders active in fisheries, aquaculture, and protecting the marine environment.

The workshop, titled “Platform Validation And Capacity Development Workshop: Hydrodynamical And Water Quality Modeling Based On Τηε Marinomica Platform” was hosted by ODYSSEA partners, the United Nations Environmental Program Mediterranean Action Plan Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (UNEP/ MAP SPA/RAC) and the Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED).

Katerina Spanoudaki of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) gave instruction on Marinomica products providing hydrodynamics/wave information, and Hydrodynamics Modelling Training (theory and exercise).

Lőrinc Mészáros of Deltares provided instruction on Marinomica services related to water quality (such as eutrophication) as well as series on water quality modelling (Delwaq) in theory and practical exercises.

Simon Keeble of Blue Lobster IT gave a Demonstration of the most recent update (carried out in June 2021) of the Marinomica platform.

July’s Egypt workshop came on the heels of a similar Marinomica training session for Moroccan stakeholders held in June.