Virtual school “satellite observations & data processing in operational oceanography”

The training on observatories management will be organized from 23 to 27 November 2020. The deadline for the submission of applications is November 8th, 2020. 

In the framework of the EU HORIZON 2020 project ODYSSEA, The ODYSSEA Consortium, integrated by 28 implementing partners, including SPA/RAC as manager of the project training package, announces its 3rd ODYSSEA School, within its cycle of training on observatories management. 

The 3rd ODYSSEA School will focus on the synergy between satellite observations of the sea surface and in situ measurements. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the 3rd ODYSSEA Summer School becomes a virtual one to be organized in November 2020.  

Satellite observations are essential to monitor and study the oceans dynamic and water quality. They provide an unmatched spatial and temporal coverage of such key oceanic variables as sea surface temperature and salinity, sea level, ocean colour, surface winds and even floating debris distribution. Most ocean satellite data are freely available on the web for research studies.  

Complemented with in situ observing platforms, oceanographers can perform validation/calibration of satellite data and then accurate estimates of selected key sets of bio-geophysical variables, with the intention of either making operational predictions across time and spatial boundaries or advancing fundamental knowledge through development of empirical relationships and theoretical models.  

The virtual school will give an overview of existing satellite products and their relevance to understand the physical and biological oceanographic processes occurring in the Mediterranean. The main goal of the school is, through theoretical lectured, hands-on training and tutorials, to give technical skills to the participants in handling satellite and in-situ data in synergy, and to develop marine research approach based on multi-sources information, especially  for South Mediterranean countries, allowing them to become ready to face the challenges of the next decade 2021-2030, which has been declared by UN as the decade of Oceans. 

The deadline for the submission of applications is  November 8th, 2020. 

Applications should be submitted electronically to the following e-mail addresses: 

Daniel-Cebrian;  cc: 


Georgios Sylaios 

Menelaos Chatziapostolidis  

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