European GEO Workshop, 19-21 June 2017

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19/06/2017 - 21/06/2017

Finnish Meteorological Institute

The purpose of the conference is to bring together European stakeholders interested in and actively contributing to the Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS). The event is a forum to exchange ideas and inform participants about work and initiatives undertaken in the context of GEOSS.

ODYSSEA will have representation at the workshop and a presentation led by coordinator Georgios Sylaios in session #6

Session #6: Harmonization of Ocean Observations and Information – Part 1 – Setting the scene / context

Co-moderators (5 minute introduction):
Michael Ott & (tbc) Doug Cripe

Speakers (10-12 minutes presentation each, with ~ 3 minutes for specific questions relating to presentation):
Erik Buch – EuroGOOS and EOOS (including policy)
Isabel Pinto – AtlantOS and SDG14 / Feedback on UN Ocean Conference
Stein Sandven – INTAROS
Georgios Sylaios – ODYSSEA

Panel / Audience Discussion (~35 minutes):
Erik, Isabel, Stein, and Georgios

Co-moderators  (5 minute summary):
Michael Ott

For more information, please visit the event’s website